Liquid Lawn Hydroseeding

Hydroseeding for a Healthy Lawn

Hydro-what? What in the world is hydroseeding? You've probably seen it, but didn't know what to call it. If you've ever seen what looks like fuzzy green paint along the side of a road or surrounding a new building, you've seen hydroseeding or possibly hydromulching.

Our process in reality is called "Hydromulching". The main difference between hydroseeding and hydromulching is the thickness of the "slurry" applied to your lawn. Hydromulching will tolerate much more adverse conditions than hydroseeding.

So why are we called "Liquid Lawn Hydroseeding"? It's quite simple, most everyone has heard the term hydroseeding, have you ever heard of Hydromulching? Read More...

HydroMulching Process

HydroMulching ProcessBut what does it do? Quality hydromulch machines mix together premium grass seed or wildflower mix, water, fertilizer, tackifier (glue) and green wood fiber mulch to create a thick slurry. The slurries consistency is similar to yogurt in thickness. The slurry is sprayed onto the prepared ground with a high pressure hose which helps the seeds to bond on all kinds of terrain, like slopes, that may be difficult to reach. When the slurry dries, it creates a crust over the ground, protecting the area from erosion. The crust protects the seeds from being washed away by a rain storm or eaten by birds. Read More...

Fast Growing Grass

Fast Growing GrassMore importantly, the seeds are in constant contact with water and fertilizer, which helps them to sprout quickly and grow strong and healthy. The seeds are spread evenly and held in place, creating good coverage. Grass seeds will germinate when the soil temperature reaches 62 degrees. A hydromulched area typically has a good stand of grass in 3-4 weeks. All of these attributes have made hydromulching a better choice for homeowners, commercial and roadside applications for many years.

Liquid Lawn Hydroseeding, Hydro seeding service for Concord NH, Nashua NH Amherst NH, Keene NH, Milford NH, Manchester NH, Bedford, New Boston NH, Goffstown NH, Mt Vernon NH, Merrimack, Portsmouth NH and surrounding areas.

Other Hydroseeding area: Western Maine, Eastern Vermont and Northern Massachusetts.

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