Preparing your Yard for Hydromulching

The new lawn area should be prepped just as if you were installing sod.

  1. If needed, add 1-2 inches of quality top soil to an area clear of weeds and rocks.
  2. All ROCKS bigger than a golf ball should be removed.
  3. Fill in low spots and grade to approximate level.
  4. Rough spade or roto-till the area to be planted. (This step is not to be used for OVERSEEDING)
  5. Rake and level the area until the surface is smooth.

For over Seeding your Lawn

  1. All WEEDS should be removed. If there are too many to remove, spray them with a Round-Up type product, following directions on the product, at least 7-10 days prior to our application appointment.
  2. TWO days before seeding, mow the dead weeds to no more than 1 inch tall, catch or rake the entire yard and remove all clippings.
  3. We recommend you rent a “plug aerator” and make lots of holes in the lawn. Make multiple passes in all directions. Liquid Lawn offers this service based on the size of your yard.
  4. Leave the “plugs” on the lawn, they will break down and give valuable nutrients back into the soil. ““Plugging” a lawn allows nutrients and air to penetrate to the root system.

NOTE: If overseeding, we need to apply the hydromulch before any significant rain is forecast.

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